The MHRRC Library

MHRRC operates a library which contains the largest collection of human rights and gender materials in the country.  The library is primarily intended for use by NGOs, other civil society organizations, lawyers, academics and the general public.


The library is an integral part of the MHRRC. It has been operational since January 1998. Currently the library has one of the best collections of materials on human rights, democracy, good governance and other human rights related themes in the country. These materials have been sourced from both inside and outside Malawi. The library is open to all human rights NGOs, institutions and individuals interested in human rights activities. The library is primarily a reference library.


The catalogue

The library is completely computerized using the CDS/ISIS software. In addition, the catalogue follows the HURIDOCS standard format for data entry. HURIDOCS is a universal network of NGOs, institutions, activists, and others concerned with information on human rights. It aims at improving access to and dissemination of public information on human rights through more effective, appropriate and compatible methods of information handling through the production of guidelines which are applicable to collectors and users of information whether they are equipped with a variety of computers or are using manual files. 


The library uses a very simplified scheme of classification so that users can easily access the information. The major subject areas are as follows: 


0.0 Handbooks

1.0 Law general

2.0 Politics general

3.0 Economics general

4.0 Organizations general

5.0 Education general   

6.0 Human rights general

7.0 Specific groups

8.0 Administration

9.0 Country reports


Other services 

In addition to books and journals, the library maintains an Electronic Reference Library (ERL) in the form of CD-ROM containing All England Law Reports, Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents and Butterworth's Civil Courts Precedents. The Library also provides access to Internet and Electronic mail (e-mail). 


Visit the books section of this website for a list of books available in the library and the publications section for a list of publications by MHRRC

Location of the Library 

The library is physically located in NASAHA Building, first floor, in Area 3 along Colby road opposite the junction to the District Commissioners' office in Lilongwe Old Town

Programmes Being Implemented by MHRRC


Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC) carries out a number of programmes. These being;


1. GBV Programme on Community Mobilization on the Twin Pandemic of Gender Based Violence and HIV and AIDS: An Advocacy for Social Justice


2. Men for Gender Equality Now (MEGEN) a project to enlist more men to help fight against gender based violence and inequalities that are rampant in communities


3. Gender and Women Empowerment (GEWE) in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare in four Traditional Authorities: two in Chitipa and other two in Dowa.


4. Service Charter: a project on 'Setting Standards for Public Services - A Linking and Learning Project for the Promotion of Accountability, Transparency and Responsiveness of Duty-Bearers'


5. Sexual and Reproductive Health Project  on Testing Feasibility of Police Provision of Emergency Contraception to survivors of rape and Sexual Assault in Malawi


6. Tilitonse Project: Capacity Building for a Professional and Accountable Malawi Police Service. The project is being implemented in Dowa, Lilongwe, Dedza, Ntcheu, Salima, Nkotakota and Kasungu Districts.

Publications by MHRRC

Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre has also been involved in the production of publications, most of which are available at the organization's library. Visit the bookssection of this website for a list of other books at our library.


Training Manual on Gender Mainstreaming, Human Rights Based-Approach to HIV and AIDS and Advocacy (2011)

MHRRC has published Public Service Charters for Salima District Council, Ntchisi District Council andBlantyre City Council. The Centre has also published; Service Charter Learning PaperGuidance and Cover NotesProject Completion Report on Setting Standards for Public Services. (2011)


The Centre has also published research on Community Mobilization on the Twin Pandemic of Gender Based


Violence and HIV and AIDS: An Advocacy for Social Justice Project (2009)


MHRRC has published a Human Rights Monitoring Manual for NGOs. (2006) 


Gender Training Manual (2002)


MHRRC has published a Human Rights Training Manual and a Human Rights Source Book for the Malawi Police(2000)This project is being implemented in collaboration with the Malawi Police Service.


MHRRC has produced and published a Source Book and Teachers Guide on Child Rights (2000) for use by stakeholders;


MHRRC in collaboration with the Malawi Judiciary and the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) have produced a book titled: An Analysis of the Human Rights Chapter under the Malawi Constitution in an International Perspective. The book was launched with anAccompanying CD Rom which contains thousands of text and materials (including Court cases and international decisions on human rights). (1999)


MHRRC has also been producing and publishing the following regular periodicals- Hope Magazine (on human rights) ARISE Newsletter (on Gender Based Violence- GBV) and Breaking the Silence (and the Chichewa translation Ululani- a cartoon strip on GBV. Journals:

MHRRC Donors

Malawi Human Rights Resource Centre (MHRRC) has been funded by;


Irish Aid through Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR),


Kellog Foundation


Royal Norwegian Embassy


National Aids Commission (NAC)




European Union

(Non-State Actors)


Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services (IPAS)


United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)


Population Council (USA)

Campaign of Gender Based Violence in December 2014

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